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Portland Windshield Crack Repair

Should I repair the crack in my windshield or leave it to the professionals?

At first, repairing your windshield cracks yourself may seem like a cheaper and easier option.  But while you may feel confident in your ability to repair a crack in your windshield, keep in mind the risk that potential problems unknown to you could cost you dearly down the road.  At Precision Auto Glass our professionals can diagnose the extent of the crack damage and whether self repair is a viable option.  We will also, depending on the condition of the windshield crack, advise you on the severity of the damage, and whether windshield crack repair or total replacement would be most appropriate.

Now, if you have a larger windshield crack, this certainly could threaten the structural integrity of the entire window.  Cracks larger than a couple inches are potentially higher risk and there is always the possibility that a hairline crack has already started to branch off from damage that cannot be seen by the naked eye.  This could lead to serious problems in the future if not taken care of properly. 

In the case of larger cracks, we recommend that you bring your vehicle to one of our glass repair facilities.  We can provide technicians that have certified training and expertise and specialize in professional windshield crack repair services. Our professional windshield crack repair technicians will have equipment and experience to analyze the condition of the crack and surrounding glass and be able to assess exactly what the best course of action would be.

About Windshield Chips

Always leave it to the professionals to clean the chips in your car windows.

There are basically four types of windshield chip patterns that may be considered easy to repair: Stars, Flowers, BB chips, and Bulls-eyes. Pretty much any chip that goes into the surface of the glass perpendicular to the surface or at a shallow angle can be repaired.

Chips that have a series of cracks coming from the point of impact like spokes on a wheel are called Spider Cracks and are considered non-repairable. If your windshield has been damaged by a spider crack, replacement of the entire window is necessary.

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